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Now you can get the opportunity to write articles for our website.

Section 1

You need to know the specific criteria before you begin writing for us.

  1. The writer must belong to the country - India.
  2. The writer's age must not be below 18 years.
  3. The writer must possess the required knowledge of the stream (any Programming Language or IT-related stream) they are willing to write for.

Section 2

If the writer meets all the above criteria, they can proceed with sending us a mail to admin@codeparttime.com with the Subject - Applying for Writing Article, along with the following required data -

  1. Name - 
  2. E-mail to contact -
  3. Programming Language(s) or IT-related Stream(s) you can write for -
  4. UPI Id / PhonePe UPI Id / GPay UPI Id - 

The above fields are mandatory to be filled before sending us mail. Optionally you can also add the following data to the mail -

  • Any specific topics you want to write for 
  • Any specific article you want to improve/correct errors/add values
  • Any other Query

Section 3

After your mail is received on our end, we will get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. This timeframe may exceed depending on the e-mails we need to go through at that instance.

We will provide the topic that you will need to do research on and write the article. After you have received the topic, we expect you to confirm with us within 24 hours if you are okay with the topic or any added suggestions.

If you agree with our topic, you will be given 48 hours to research and write the article. In certain extraordinary instances depending on the amount of research required, the article's complexity, and length, you may be given 72 hours.

While sending us the article that you wrote, follow the below procedures -

  1. Write the article in MS-Word file.
  2. If you want to display a table inside the article, make that table in MS-Excel. Rename the MS-Excel file as "Table Number 1". And in the MS-Word file where the table is required, write [Table Number 1].
  3. Similarly, if you want to include an image in the article, save the image with "File Number 1 - File Name." And in the MS-Word file where the image is required, write [File Number 1 - File Name.].
  4. If you want to include a paragraph that needs special attention from readers, write "NOTE : " on top of the paragraph.
  5. Keep the font stylings of headings as required accordingly.
  6. Make sure you keep all these files together in a single folder. Rename that folder to the "Topic Name - Your Name".
  7. (Optional) Stats: After completing the article, make a stats.txt file in that folder you are working on. Write down the topic name, your name, your LinkedIn profile link, number of total words written, number of images, and number of tables in that file. Save that file.
  8. Create a zip file of that folder and send it to admin@codeparttime.com along with the abovementioned stats.
  9. Once we receive your article files, the content inside them becomes the property of Code Part Time. You are prohibited from using that content further on any platform or publishing anywhere.
  10. We hold the rights to link this article to the writer's LinkedIn profile once published. We also hold the rights to delete, modify, unlink and not publishing the article without any notice to the writer.

Section 4

The writer must Take care of the following aspects before beginning to write an Article -

  1. You should never copy any other article from any other website. Copying pieces of stuff from others' work or articles over the Internet or any book or other place and claiming to be own work is considered plagiarism. We at Code Part Time verify the authenticity of every sentence of every article before we publish it. We won't publish your article if you send us plagiarized content. You will also lose your earnings for that plagiarized content. Repeated behavior of such conduct will lead to a permanent ban on that writer.
  2. All the images/PDFs/Files that will be part of your article must not be copyright materials or owned by other entities. The materials must not be illegal by any means. You must have the legal rights to use that image so that we can publish it.
  3. Tips, FAQs, Key Notes, and Suggestions that help readers are always welcome.
  4. Always try to break your long paragraphs into shorter ones. Shorter paragraphs increase the readability of your articles.
  5. While trying to explain something, it is always suggested to explain it in bullet points.
  6. If your article contains any code, write the filename and the programming language name above that code. Add comments to make your code as readable as possible. Also, do not copy others' codes.
  7. Avoid making grammatical mistakes. It's just unprofessional.
  8. Avoid filling the entire article with words like "the", "a", "is", "are," etc. Not using these words to write an article won't be possible. Just try using the keywords and making every sentence more meaningful.
  9. Use flowcharts diagrams and images to convey your message more meaningfully.
  10. Keep the reader's intent in your mind as your priority while writing an article. Why should the reader spend time on your article? What is the reader going to achieve at the end of the article? Was the reader's time spent on your article worth it? Always write the article and provide info so that your article becomes the last stop for your readers.

Section 5

Once we receive your article files, we will check them for plagiarism, grammatical mistakes, copyrighted materials, code outputs, and other factors.

The review of the article may take 24 to 48 hours. This timeframe may exceed depending on the other articles we need to go through at that instance.

If everything goes well on our side, we will pay you the calculated amount on your mentioned UPI Id. 

Currently, we pay our writers Rupee 1 for every two meaningful words.

We look forward to working with you on this fantastic journey.