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Code Part Time About Us

"Code Part Time" derives from the belief that there exist people with their full-time careers, who are more of a community of learners, who want to learn new technology and adapt best to internet content, and who prefer to learn new skills at their speed from the comforts of their work environment or drawing spaces.

A little about me -

Rawnak Chourasia - Founder of Code Part Time

Hi. I am Rawnak Chourasia. I am the founder of Code Part Time. I am a Software Engineer, and I am passionate about Coding, Programming Concepts and various topics on technology. You can mail me, or reach me out at LinkedIn. Also if you like my content, please don't forget to endorse me on LinkedIn.

Motive behind Code Part Time

With straightforward, crisp, and to-the-point content on a broad variety of technical and non-technical subjects without any preconditions and impediments, our goal is to offer quick and easy learning.

The goal of "Code Part Time" is to be able to deliver affordable education to all age classes in the world in the area of information technology. We thrive to bring the best out of our fields.

"Code Part Time" offers posts, guides, videos, and e-books on different topics based on information technology. We also want to keep our readers updated about the world's inventions and scientific activities.

The convergence of education and technology has led to the fight against inequalities in access to quality education around the world. The limits in existing education systems are being addressed by Edu-techs.

"Code Part Time" is a platform where learning will be free and accessible to everyone around the globe. "Code Part Time" is an online learning platform that helps anyone to learn software, technology, and creative skills to achieve the knowledge and enhance their skills.

We welcome you to the platform where we consistently thrive to offer the best of education.


Code Part Time Team.